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My Original Works

I came to know that I can write poetry when I was 13 years old and studying in 8th standard, and was moved by a poem by P Bhaskaran. That poem, Kaalakal(Bulls), was there in my Malayalam text book. In the same weekend, I versified the story of Prodigal Son of Bible, which was very lengthy. When I recited that to my friend Shibu, he liked it. Then I showed that to my Malayalam teacher, he corrected it and encouraged me to write more. All these made me bold to send my maiden poem to a children's magazine. I got an encouraging reply from its director soon, but he regreted that his magazine is too small to publish the poem. I had to wait for two more years to get one of my poems published and by that time I was a veteran of receiving innumerable regret letters from editors of most of the Malayalam magazines.

Later, while I was doing my undergraduation, I turned to writing fiction. I could publish many short stories and a short novel. I completed a novel also. But by that time I was dragged into the busy life of Bombay and never was serious about writing.

Some of my Original Works of Poetry in English.

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