The Girl Sitting on the Rock

By TK Thomas

( For the girl who stirred our heart while we were on Harihareshwar beach, to mark the completion of training in IPCL)

Curly and rising hands of hightide
caress the round rock on the seaside
where shining shells are scattered around
and tiny fishes wander in sand-ponds.

The girl sits on the rock
like a rock, doesn't move.
Only her pony tail rocks in the sea-breeze.

The sky and the sea coalesce into blue
at the horizon where her eyes are glued.
The sun rays paint gold on the waves.
The cresendo of their music reaches near shore
then collapse, move towards her
like a band of streams giggling,
tickle her bare feet and
return to depths
for orchestrating the remains of symphony.

An ocean hums within me.
And the girl's sitting on the rock in my heart
which vanishes into sea melting
as it can't withstand the warmth of waves.
She stands and walks slowly into water
and sea locks her in the spiral arms.

Oh! the Eternal Ocean,
you fills in the voids on earth where
once cold and frozen solitude occupied.

( 1993, First appeared in IPCL news magazine)

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