How to Go to Tao Temple ?

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( visiting Tao Temple, Chu-Fu, China )

By K Sachidanandan

Don't lock the house.
By the side of dawn
like a leaf in the breeze
go weightless.

If too fair
go putting on ash.
If too wise
go in half-sleep.

Faster will be
tired fast.
Go slowly
almost like standstill.

Be shapeless like water.
Settle in the lowlands,
try not
to climb up.

Not keep at right
emptiness has neither left nor right,
neither front nor rear.

Don't call name
his name has no name.

No offerings,
take an empty bowl,
easier than taking a filled bowl.
No prayers also,
this is not the place
for those who have wants.

Talk in silence
if want to talk,
like rock does with trees
and trees do with flowers.
The most sweet sound
is silence.
And the most beautiful color
is that of nothingness.

Let not others know your arrival
and also your return.
Like one who crosses river in cold
need to cross the arch
shrunk by a quarter.

Like melting dew drop
you have only a fleeting moment.

No performance:
you are yet to be formed.
No anger:
Not even dust is in your control.
no regret:
it doesn't affect anything.

If fame calls change the way,
not even a foot print
is to be left behind.

Don't use hands at all
they always think of

Renounce glory
no other way to glory.

Let fish in the river be in the river
and fruits on tree on tree.

More hardened will be broken
softer will be bent
to survive,
like tongue to teeth.

Who not does anything
can only does everything.

Go crossing the gate
waiting for you
the unmade idol.

( Original is in Malayalam. Translated by TK Thomas. )

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